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About us

We are an association led by a team of professionals with experience in high technology, able to provide reliable and sustainable solutions for energy production and technology standards of quality and efficiency. We believe that we have all the advantages that let us identify, develop and implement alternative energy production based on the latest technologies that ensure high yields.

Systems and solutions provided by the Association for Alternative Energy incorporates equipment produced by leading international suppliers having a long life and low operating costs and maintenance. Alternative Energy Association offers intelligent solutions for tomorrow’s world helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and hence global warming and the savings in your budget. Our group is an ideal partner for your alternative energy project.

President: Victor Bujor

despre noi1Bujor Victor

Born in 24.08.1954

Studies:  Engineer - constructor of buildings and his own destiny. Victor Bujor believes that the opportunities represented only 5% of the businesssuccess he enjoys now. The remaining 95% is intensive work.He is a businessman who manage companies in construction, retail, bakery and alternative energy.In 1976 he graduated college of construction and becomes a engineer constructor . In 1992 he became licensed in industrial and civil construction.A briliant manager, Victor Bujor is convinced that a leader is truly leading only  if he secures his succession.

Over the years he put into operation more social and economic facilities. A top manager, Victor Bujor is certain that a true leader is not a leader, unless he secures his succession. His definition of success is nothing more than when opportunity meets hard work. Work is the only thing we'll never regret, and this is an advice for generation that thinks otherwise. Victor Bujor fits perfectly into the category of people who have the courage to take steps. Creative and intelligent manager, a man who can't be a prisoner of his own ideas, always manages to communicate what can do and what he can't. Mr. Bujor has his own philosophy about beauty of entrepreneurship: "I'll start by saying how much energy (in a short time we will need an alternative) uses entrepreneurship, how many enemies you get, how much work and stress it takes. How many projects we should start to have a chance for some of them to realise. How much power do you need to get up after you fail and learn something from it. How much mental energy you need to not to bring your problems at home, because entrepreneurship is not just a job, it is yourself! It's hard, it's damn hard to think 100 times before you start a business. And then comes an even harder time during which it all becomes hellish and you get used to it and this is the best part! Don't stop ever. Even if you face a wall, go through it. If I slow down my rhythm I lose it all. That's why I always go forward !


Consultant: Bivol Dragoș

despre noi2

Born: 29/01/1990


Academy of Sciences, Moldova

Moscow School of Political Studies, Russian Federation

National School of Political and Administrative Studies , Bucharest - Romania

"Transilvania" University , Brasov - Romania

Dragos Bivol is a young man who believes he will bring a significant change in Moldova-an ideal that seems utopian. Dragos is one of those young people who know what to do in life and they put all their resources to achieve their goals. He wants to prove that there are enough opportunities in Moldova, the big problem that is not effectively managed.

He received the best education and the most efficient training. He initiated and was the first president of a youth organization in the region. At just 18, he becomes a Member of Youth Parliament in Chisinau on at 23 he is already in the Youth Parliament of Romania. " It's very difficult to succeed in Moldova , but  you can always come up with something new, things that are already tested in other countries”. His international experience made ??him more aware of the power that the younger generation has in the development of contemporary society.

Dragoș interact constantly with key people from different countries around the globe. He believes that being young is not a disadvantage, it's an opportunity! According to Dragoș, a good counselor must possess three qualities: to be well informed, have experience and a certain authority to the counselee.



Associate member: Constantin Copaceanu

Born: November 7, 1992

Education: International Economic Policy, "Jönköping International Business School", 2012-2015

Constantin Copaceanu is a young ambitious and pro-active, which believes that those who want to bring positive change in Moldova must hurry to begin to implement their ideas. He believes that globalization makes possible to influence things in Moldova, although far from being in the country! On the long term, he aims to help develop the energy sector towards a sustainable and reliable ideal for future generations, globally!

Constantin states that "BioEnerg is the platform that gives me a chance to develop in the business world, especially in the renewable energy business. I do believe that this is the first step in a promising career, but is expected to be a not so easy, but with many challenges, given the intrinsic quality of energy field to develop ultra-fast.

I expect Moldova to take big steps ahead to a fastest development: economically, energetically, and politically. I strongly believe that speed-age is one of the mankind history golden age, we have huge resources, interconnected, that any Moldovan need to learn everyday if we want to keep up with the world!

"We can, we have capable people, it just takes hard work, dedication and involvement of everyone! “


Associate member: Dumitru Podgorneac

Born: 06.08.1990

Education:  1)University (graduate) – mechanical engineer:

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania,

Field: Thermal machines and equipment, 2009-2013.

2) Master/Postuniversitary degree (in progress):

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania,

Field: Renewable Energy, 2013-present (2015).

Dumitru Podgorneac is a young project engineer working in the field of industrial refrigeration systems. Moreover, he is master’s degree student in the field of Renewable Energy.

During university degree, he was a member  of project “Fluid Engineering Informatics Platform” organized by Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (Romania). He studied extracurricular course “Finite element method – Theory and aplications”, organized by Continental Automotive Systems SRL (Sibiu, Romania). He gained working knowledge in AutoCAD and he has knowledge of numerical simulation in Ansys (Static Structural, CFX, Fluent).

Dumitru Podgorneac consider that: „Renewable energy is the base of development perspective of Republic of Moldova, in order to reduce the level of energy sources dependence. For this it is necesary of creative people, mean engineers, who knows how to make renewable energy, who are able to give customers suitable equipment for the given situation and rise to the challenge. In this way, we, mean engineers, have to learn from foreign countries experience, too, in order to build more eficient renewable energy generation systems. All that we need are wish to make our life better, knowledge, experience, and a lot of work.”