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BioEnerGroup Association wishes you Happy Holidays!



Dear friends!

I have the honor to address to your occasion last moments of 2012 - a special year in the history of the Republic of Moldova and our society.

Taking this opportunity _ I wish to thank you for your patience and wisdom for civic attitude that you showed, through which they managed to overcome these risks.

It's time to walk along the path of progress - zeal about all of us deserved. The only way that is able to open our European perspective, to bring us to a decent living. The only way to improve our image, so that the world does not know us for our problems, but our merits and achievements. Today, we turn the page in our history book which is called 2012. You want to get out of this year with no regrets, but lessons and conclusions that help us to be better, wiser, more tolerant and more diligent in the coming year. I wish each of you health and luck. May the coming year bring the children good grades and interesting discoveries, young – big goals and achievements, for the mature - results match expectations and hopes, elderly - care and attention from their loved ones.


Happy Holidays!