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BioEnerGroup, represented by Mr. President Victor Bujor receives best wishes for 2013 from partners!

LogoDuring winter feasts, colleagues and partners of Alternative Energy Association of Hincesti send some good wishes.



All those who were with us in our beginnings as the first association that proposed itself to make progress in a new area for Moldova, we appreciated and this can not but enjoy. Included all the admiration during these absolutely remarkable days of celebration, external partners as well as internal ones of BioEnerGroup we wish the new year day brings fulfillment, prosperity, luck and lots of happiness.

Among the first we were greeted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, Italian Line Energy Efficiency in Moldova MoSEFF, Energy and Biomass Project UNDP , Solnergia Company - Sevastopol, Ukraine, Cahul District Council, Association for Market Participants in renewables in Ukraine (APEU), Center for Renewable Resources - Ukraine, Deputy of State Duma of Russia - Sergei Esiakov. President of the Association of Alternative Energy Hincesti Mr. Victor Bujor gratefully thanks all and wants "This coming year bring us all joy with relatives. And if the world is HAPPINESS - Be partakers them! And share love together with your families "

Echipa proiectului pentru energie și biomasă



Депутат ГД ФС РФ     С.Я.Есяков


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