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Moldovans consume more energy on average than the EU citizens. The governments wants to teach us what means energy efficiency.

646x404All appliances to be offered for sale may be accompanied by a special label. It will look like an icon and will show electricity consumption of the appliance. The proposal is contained in a draft government decision, and the authors hope that this will give priority Moldovans products with low energy consumption.


"The energy efficiency of household appliances has long been a key issue in the political agenda of the European Union energy conservation, but not for our country. Households in Moldova incumbent over 45% of the country's energy consumption to 25% owned by households final consumption in the European Union, " reads the draft decision briefing. In this context, the proposed regulation would provide information about consumer grade product that people can choose the most economical. Thus would reduce electricity bills and people would benefit from the reduction of CO2 emissions. According to the document, the labels will be mandatory products offered for sale, lease and purchase or exposed through distance selling, including the Internet. If that will not be accompanied by information on the energy efficiency class, they will be removed or excluded from the market and providers-fined. The draft was prepared by employees of the Ministry of Economy and whether it will pass the Government, will take effect from 1 January 2014. According to statistics in Moldova are 1,131,827 households. During 2009, 83 % of households had refrigerators, 11.3% had microwave ovens, computers- 18.5%.

Source: www.adevarul.ro