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Business in Moldova is likely to accede to the EU

bng filatEuropean Agribusiness Association (EBA) in Moldova reached a year of activity. According to the founders, in the meantime, has been promoting business, companies identify European partners in the country, building partnerships and signing cooperation agreements with associations in the country and abroad.



Also president of the Association, Silvia Radu said that during one year of operation, EBA was able to identify partners for 20 local companies to contribute to the coverage of important projects for Moldova, which supports businesses in domestic and abroad.
The event was attended by Prime Minister Vlad Filat. The Prime Minister praised the work of European Business Association, noting that since its establishment, it has played an important role in establishing better communication, both between European companies and those in Moldova, and between business and those who are managing public sector in our country. Also, Filat said that businesses contribute to the national economy in general and EBA Moldova contribution in strengthening this sector is of key importance.
Head of EU Delegation in Moldova, Dirk Schuebel, Honorary President of the Association, said that the EBA has managed in a short time to register great results. Thus, today its numbers increased to 40 companies. However, Dirk Schuebel noted that among the EBA Moldova include companies in the Transnistrian region, which means a lot. Schuebel stressed that this year will be crucial for the EU-Moldova relations, referring to the negotiation of the Association Agreement which will place the bilateral political relations to a higher level. The official said that the business community is very important prospect of a deep and comprehensive Free Trade between the EU and Moldova.

Press service BioEnerGroup