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Romania: The biggest Chinese wind turbine manufacturer wants to start production in Bucharest

Sinovel groupChinese group Sinovel, China's largest producer of wind field and number two worldwide, intends to enter into a partnership with Faur plants owned by brothers Emil and Marius Cristescu, and begin production of wind turbines in Bucharest.




"Recently, a task group of the International Affairs Department of the Chinese company Sinovel visited "Faur", a company from Bucharest . On this occasion had discussions with company management on the development of energy projects in partnership with Bucharest", it is said in a statement from the Chamber of Commerce.

Director General of Faur Mariana Christ, told the AFP that the company planned to open a Chinese factory. Chinese have decided to produce Bucharest factory, "Faur".
"They want to produce in our factory, because they found that we have necessary capacity. Perfectly contract with them If we make significant investment and we buy new production lines," said Christ.
"They produce wind turbines in partnership with us. They will bring know-how and new production capacity," said Christ.
Sinovel group is operating in Romania in two projects of medium capacity and intends to continue its development by building wind farms.

Source: www.gandul.info