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German Government allocates € 3 billion in 2013 for green projects

07dlj0210Authorities from Berlin announced that in 2013 investors who shall develop green energy production projects will receive financial support from the German state. The budget for renewable energy production in 2013 amounted to not less than 3 billion euros.




According to representatives of the German Ministry for Energy, green energy sector is not only an opportunity for economic recovery, but also an area where people must invest due to climate changes.

One of the reasons for which Germany allocate a budget so consistent in 2013 for non-conventional energy generation projects is represented by the target set for 2020, which states that 16% of all energy to come from renewable sources.

In general, renewable energy is more expensive than that produced by burning conventional fuels such as gas or coal, but as technology increasingly are developed and implemented more efficient, the price of the first type will decrease proportionally.

Thus, to encourage the development of these renewable energy projects, the German government is willing to pay the difference between the actual price of the two types of energy.

New support scheme for 2013 apply from April next year, so developers will have enough time to prepare their projects and submit them for approval to the authorities.

The budget allocated for green energy projects in 2012 was 1.7 billion euros, almost half of that for 2013, and has helped develop numerous applications for the production of renewable energy, including geothermal energy and biogas. These projects produce enough energy to cover the electricity needs of 300,000 homes each year.

Source: Solar Plaza