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Renewable energy success is associated with BioEnerGroup!


A new goal for BioEnerGroup is to implement renewable energy projects for public sector . Thus, at the insistence of President BioEnerGroup, Victor Bujor as a result of the cooperation agreement signed with the Association of renewable energy market participants of Ukraine, represented  by President Vitalii Davii , a very important delegation came to Moldova.


 The delegation was represented by Sergei Esiakov - Member of the Russian State Duma and chairman of the Energy of the Russian Duma, Vladimir Bogma – „Krim Irei” project, Vitaly Davie - President Association renewable energy market participants of Ukraine, Moscow IBCentre manager. The delegation met leaders and decision makers in the Republic of Moldova to the details on the concept of re-boiler rooms to the public sector.

Thus, on February 7, the foreign delegation led by Mr. President of BioEnerGroup, had a meeting with  Mr. Valeriu Lazar - Minister of Economy of Moldova and Michael Stratan - Director of Energy Efficiency Agency. At this meeting, the deputy of Russia, Sergei Esiakov wanted to review the Government's vision on renewables segment. Vitalii Davii spoke about the join partnership of between his Association and BioEnerGroup to promote new energy generation technologies. Mr. Valeriu Lazar assured those present about their willingness to work with those who want progress on a novice still field for Moldova. The minister spoke about the confidence they may have in the Alternative Energy Association of Hincesti, which demonstrated  maximum efficiency in thought and action. Recall that on November 7 Association of Moldova and Ukraine have established similar cooperation agreement, which led to negotiations on the development of specific projects jointly with the Moldovan authorities.

 Press service BioEnerGroup