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Investors want to invest in wind energy in Moldova, but it is needed better legislation


“So far we have at least four cases of placement of investments in wind power, but the law should be amended to allow the development of wind farms in the Republic Molodva”, declared the Minister of Economy, Mr. Valeriu Lazar."We hope that by summer the necessary modifications can be made to the legislation, and then I think next year we might already have first investment in wind power,"  said Mr. Lazar.

In a ranking prepared by the consulting company Ernst & Young, Republic of Moldova is not included on the list of most attractive countries for making investments in wind power. Some experts from Chisinau claim that our country is not ready for such investments. For example, to build a wind farm with a capacity of 40 MW is required also a thermoelectric power plants, in order to compensate for lack of power when the wind is not powerful enough.

However, wind energy is more expensive than the traditional, so investors would come to Moldova if there would be better government incentives, such as green certificates or tarriffs.


Source: www.24h.md