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Romania: The sale price for green certificates has grown!

Following an order issued by the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE), minimum and maximum price for green certificates increased.




Thus, the minimum value per unit increased from 27 to 28.8 euros, while the maximum value that can be traded for green certificates has been increased from 55 to 58.8 euros.

As stated in the legislative provisions relating to the production of green energy, the value of green certificates is indexed each year with average inflation rate within the European Union. 

This price adjustment comes in the context of the electricity tariffs, which grew by about 10% from the first day of this year, and energy specialists say that half of this increase was due to the support provided by the authorities for energy production sources, which was reflected in the increasing bills.

This announcement comes as the latest, the Minister for Energy, Mr. Constantin Nita, said that support for renewable energy will be reduced so as proportion, as well as the value of green certificates in order to reduce the maximum price from 55 euros to about 30 euros / MWh, as I mentioned here.


Source: www.naturenergy.ro