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Over 600 families will be able to buy modern biomass boilers, with the financial support of the EU

Over 600 families will be able to buy modern biomass boilers, with the financial support of the EU. The Government of Moldova, with the support of the EU-UNDP Project "Energy and Biomass" launches today, a grant program under favorable conditions for giving biomass boilers for households.






 Thus, households in villages and small towns can buy boiler burning pellets, briquettes or mixed boilers, 30% of the costs being reimbursed from European funds.

"I am pleased to announce that the launch of this program offers the chance of a new group of beneficiaries - individuals to know the advantages of using biomass energy. Those 640,000 euro grant from the European Union are enough to buy around 600 boilers. A significant start, which will help hundreds of families to save money on heating their homes. Moreover, the new program will boost already created a new market in Moldova: the fuel production from biomass, as well as technologies biomass, "said The Head of EU Delegation to Moldova, Dirk Schubel.

The boilers purchased will be produced and / or assembled in Moldova. So far, nine companies have been accredited by the Energy Efficiency Agency to provide boilers for households in the program.


"Incentive program to purchase biomass boilers contribute to the creation of new industries, where we have already operating several hundred businesses - manufacturers of briquettes and pellets boilers, distributors, and agricultural producers. Their part, consumers households will benefit from reduced prices compared to natural gas consumption offered by advanced technologies in the field ", said The Minister of Economy, Mr. Valeriu Lazar.

 For Example, Mrs. Lilia Ujitceac from Chisinau, has a three-levels house with an area of ​​over 350 square meters. She says that because of high costs, she did not heat the entire house during the winter. Everything changed, however, after last year has installed a biomass boiler.

Those who wish to install a heating system based on biofuel, can receive grants and pay only 70 percent of the cost of the equipment.


"The grant is supposed to cover the amount of 30% of the cost for purchasing and installing boilers," said Nicholas Zacharias expert Moldova Energy and Biomass Project.


The grant program for purchasing biomass boilers for households was launched as part of Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the European Union, co-financed and implemented by the United Nations Development Program. "By launching this program we create, in fact, a whole chain of opportunities for both men and women to develop the production of national modern biomass boilers, and the fuel production from biomass launched new businesses and creates new jobs. Finally, the money invested in Moldova remain and contribute to its development. Moreover: this helps protecting the environment by reducing fossil energy consumption, "says Narine Sahakyan, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.

The total budget of the program is EUR 640,000. The maximum amount reimbursed from the funds of the program is € 1,000 for a boiler installed. Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is supposed to be implemented in 2011-2014. The total project budget is 14.56 million.