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The Leader in Renewables in Moldova, Mr. Victor Bujor was invited at an international forum!

One of the most important events in the biofuel industry in Ukraine, as well as one of the most significant regional expert meetings in Eastern Europe, was held at the end of May in the city of Kiev.




Ukrainian Biofuel Forum celebrated a jubilee this year. In the 5 years, the biofuel-focused forum became recognized as a business platform for manufacturers, traders, consumers of pellets and briquettes as well as producers and consumers of electricity and heat from biomass. Another important topic of the Forum is the production and use of biogas, bio fuel additives and investment projects in the field of biomass as an energy source. The organisers were IBCentre Ukraine - Julia Berezovskaya and the Association of Alternative Energy Market Participants of Ukraine- Vitaly Davii, who invited the BioEnerGroup  President, Victor Bujor.

As always, Victor Peony demonstrated involvement in the development of, and came up with a presentation at the forum on "Prospects for the development of biogas installations in the Republic of Moldova." In the report, Mr. Bujor presented success stories in Moldova, including the company's project in District Hînceşti, Garma Group. For the Forum were invited around 200 guests from 20 countries. They came up with reports, analyzed by important guests, such as  Nicolai Prisiajniuc- Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Nikolai Safronov - Director General of the Agency for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Russia etc. The involvement and influence of Mr. Bujor is increasing as importance, and some of the participants in this important event have announced the creation of a crucial structure, in which the Alternative Energy Association of Moldova will have an important seat.