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Solar panels on the walls

Solar cells on the outer walls of apartments. While most residents from the capital use polystyrene to insulate walls, some have found a more original and at the same time, the economic method for insulation. They opt for solar batteries, which in a few years will recover its money invested.


 A resident of the capital installed solar cells on the exterior walls of the apartment. It says it is an original method to decorate the walls of the building, but also very useful. Batteries convert the sun's energy into electricity, used mostly for water heating.

Mr. Lisnic Vitalie has his own business, and the computers that he is working on consume a lot of electricity. He invested 4,000 euros in 20 photovoltaic panels in Germany, and now he makes money on the internet using solar energy. Experts say that more and more consumers turn to non-traditional energy small-scale projects and money invested in such projects shall be recovered in seven years. The neighbors who saw the panels were impressed. Although I know that this could save you money, not everyone can afford the investment.

 Source: www.jurnaltv.md