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The financial vehicle for renewable energy projects comes in Hincesti district

The finance vehicle for energy efficiency in Moldova (MoSEFF) reached the district Hânceşti. In a seminar recently held in Hânceşti, the program representatives, notified the business owners in the district that their enterprises can consume less power, if they will apply to one of the energy efficiency projects under the program.



Representative of the financial structure for energy efficiency in Republic of Moldova, Mr. Alexander Bologa, said that projects under the program are funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. According to Alexander Bologa, using existing technologies, companies can reduce their energy consumption. Alexander said that MoSEFF Bologa, reached Hânceşti in order to support economic initiatives that aim to reduce their energy consumption and to encourage renewable energy businesses.

Q: Who can participate and who is eligible?

A: Any private company. The company can be mixed. But the share of the capital should be more than 51%. The company must act in accordance with the law on environmental protection. If you have an office, a production hall, administrative block, which really consumes in excess, we come with a helping hand. Changing windows can be funded MoSEFF team. If you have technical and commercial proposals regarding the facade insulation or roof insulation, we give you a hand. Replacement of boilers, boiler rehabilitation and insulation of exterior walls, all come to us. Say that you want to pass this boiler from oil to gas and you have natural gas within the enterprise and must build a route length of about 50 m, connected to the pipeline, route, way out, advanced automation and control system-these ideas can be financed by MoSEFF. We can also help thermal insulation of pipes so that you can reduce power consumption.  Come to us to take these advanced systems for recording consumption. Everything which is related to bakeries, fermenting, furnaces, ventilation systems, recovery systems, furnaces and installing changing technical solutions, you can contact us.


According to Alexander Bologa , all the projects aiming to reduce energy consumption are eligible for funding and projects related to the change of LED based lighting, changing compressors, rehabilitation chillers.

Other examples of ideas that may be approved: in the refrigerator rooms we can help changing compressors and/or refrigerators. It can not only install new equipment, and the secondhand. We can also install second-hand equipment (up to 5 years old), and the company can easily benefit from a grant component of 20%.


Attending the meeting, the district president of Hânceşti city, Mr. Cobzac Grigore, said in turn that the authorities should invest more, and to increase efforts to support actions aimed at reducing energy consumption and produce energy companies sources: “The priority is the legal improvements, which today are still poor. Until the legal framework will be beneficial for investment, investment in this area will be the only to level of discussion. What we want from the authorities is a clear and transparent game conditions equal for all. And when they say to us today that wind power is not cost effective and that it must raise the tariff etc, they are simply lying. Regardless how tough are the rules, they must be established in the legal framework, which is missing today.”

Wind energy projects, small hydro, solar power projects and geothermal projects are eligible for support from MoSEFF. The program does not support projects based on biomass.

Eligible projects must lead to a reduction of primary energy consumption, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the rational use of energy in industry, agribusiness and commercial buildings. Savings of energy, fuel, electricity and reductions of CO2 emissions can be achieved through the implementation of tech measures and new technologies.

The EBRD loan amount under the MoSEFF project could be from 25 thousand to 2 million euro.

Business representatives invited to attend the meeting had the opportunity to talk with experts from MoSEFF, regarding the conditions of the loan and grant application. The meeting was organized by the Association for alternative energy BioEnerg of Hînceşti, led by Mr. Victor Bujor.

Source: www.radiohincesti.md