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Strategic meeting of Bioenerg Group and the Italian company INGAETA to encourage the development of renewable energy sector in Moldova

On July 4th, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Moldovan-Italian, was held a strategic meeting on renewable energy development and their integration in Moldova. The protagonists of this meeting were representatives of the BioEnerg Association and the Italian company Bioenergy Group INGAETA-electric and photovoltaic systems, which is now more than 30 years in the industrial plants and more than 10 years, a leading photovoltaic systems for civil and industrial.

The collaboration between the two companies, the result of a series of preliminary meetings, which took place at the BioEnerg office in Hînceşti, was to focus developing one goal: growth and integration in Moldova of the systems producing electricity from renewable sources.

INGAETA, because of his experience gained over many years in the renewable energy sector, in collaboration with the BioEnerg Group, strongly supported by its founder, Mr. Victor Bujor, was interested and motivated in the development and practical application of project "Pilot" proposed by Mr. Bujor, on construction of facilities for the production of electricity through photovoltaic conversion.


After identifying appropriate objects considered being the most appropriate for achieving photovoltaic installation plants, INGAETA will proceed to the execution of the project and obtain the necessary funds for the operation thereof. The two companies, both BioEnerg and INGAETA are willing to invest their own resources to cover part of the costs required to start the project executive in the nearest possible time.

In the following meetings, technicians and engineers from INGAETA Company will conduct field research to facilitate the identification of necessary equipment, but they will be anticipated by a study of bureaucratic procedures and legislation governing the production of electricity in the Republic of Moldova.

All these actions aim at simplifying and facilitating quick and efficient, both technically and financially, the projects developed.


Source: www.ccimd.eu