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BioEnerg Groups merges its efforts with similar international organizations

The latest goals set by the humanity and supported by the heads of  the most powerful states in the world are the widely use of alternative energy and promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable development. With the same goal in mind, BioEnerg was involved in a decision to create in Moscow, Russia, an International Confederation of Non – Governmental Organizations dealing with renewable energy investments.



 In recent years, namely 2012 – 2013, when the energy problem has become more acute, the National Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Russia decided to create that confederation. The founders of this important confederations are: the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Russia, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Association of Innovative "Republican Centre for Technology Transfer" from the Republic of Belarus, the Association "Energy Efficiency Investment Fund" Ukraine, and BioEnerg Association of Alternative Energy in the Republic of Moldova. The proposal to create this platform came to life from Mr. Nikolai Safronov, director of the National Agency for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Russia.

At a meeting on 21-22 May in Kiev Ukraine, President of BioEnerg, Mr. Victor Bujor, was proposed to participate in the creation of this energy mega structure. In order to achieve sector development, founder Parties undertook to work jointly using the latest technologically advanced solutions. The functions of the new confederation includes the strengthening and coordination of all civic initiatives on energy efficiency, ecology, sustainable development and alternative energy - coordination and cooperation with other authorities,  dissemination of ethical principles of doing business, etc.. There will be launched soon an extensive campaign to promote the agenda, goals and functions of Confederation in all founding members.

Press service BioEnerGroup