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Mr. Victor Bujor invited in Sochi at CISSolar2014

Renewables sector becomes increasingly more important in any part of the world . There is no doubt that any State should adapt faster for the new trends in alternative energy sources . CISOLAR 2014 became an important platform in the solar industry sector, especially in CIS region. At its third edition , this conference gathers leading developers of alternative energy sector, especially solar energy market in CIS and Eastern Europe. CISOLAR Sochi 2014 is organized by BioEnerg’s partner- IBCentre company ( Innovative Business Centre) - research and consultancy company in the field of alternative energy.



CISOLAR gathers every year about 40 most influential speakers in the world , about 200 delegates from all continents. Following the considerable influence in renewable sector of BioEnerg President, the organizers sent an invitation to Mr. Victor Bujor, who was required to inform about the Renewable Energy sector trends in Moldova.The Russian city Sochi has been chosen as the event location due to the fact that an impressive number of constructions built for this year's Olympics are supplied by renewable sources of energy. During the conference , the BioEnerg President will interact with leaders from Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland and with officials from the  Russian Federation’s Ministry of Energy.

Brochure CISolar 2014

Invitation to Mr. Victor Bujor