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School children of “Vasile Lupu” Lyceum produce wind based electricity and cook on solar powered ovens

6 April - School children of “Vasile Lupu” Lyceum know the secret of renewable energy production and efficient energy use thanks to the educational course ”Renewable Energy Sources” taught during the on-going school year for the first time. The Course on Renewables has been launched in the Republic of Moldova by EU-UNDP funded Moldova Energy and Biomass Project.



Today, pupils of VII-B Class spent one of their lessons to produce wind based electricity from mini-turbines, showed how they could cook using an umbrella made into a solar oven, and shared some practical advice on how to make the energy use more efficient both at school and at home. ”The subject I have been studying since September motivated me very much; hence, I learned how to perform the energy audit of our apartment. Thanks to the replacement of light bulbs, curtains and the location of the fridge within the room, we managed to save up to 100 MDL each month on the electricity bill. Moreover, we can cut on CO2 emissions, as well”, Nichita Miron, VII-B Grade Pupil of “Vasile Lupu” Lyceum, stated.

Lessons on renewables and energy efficiency are conducted in an interactive manner. Thus, school children take part in debates within the school, discuss topics on eco-energy on-line with hundreds of pupils from other schools across Moldova, build models of photovoltaic panels, wind turbines or biomass power plants, and organize flash-mobs around environmental issues.

”The educational brochure for school children and the guide for teachers, developed by the Energy and Biomass Project with assistance from Academia experts and Energy Efficiency Agency professionals, is of great value, and helps us present the information in a modern and engaging manner, which makes the Course attractive for pupils”, Natalia Halaim, Teacher of the ”Renewable Energy Sources” Course at “Vasile Lupu” Lyceum, asserted.

For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, schools across the country are able to study renewables and energy efficiency topics during the 2013-2014 school year, and this activity is backed by the Moldovan Ministry of Education Order, pursuant to which the ”Renewable Energy Sources” Course has been included in the list of optional school subjects.

”I am happy to see that this Course went beyond the boundaries of communities that had their public institutions connected to biomass heating systems. I am impressed this course is taught in a modern, interactive and meaningful manner, conveying the information on renewable energy and energy efficiency to children. The example of this school proved once again how valuable the EU investment in the young generation is; these children are going to teach their friends and families how to make better use of the energy around us. It is a key role they are playing for their country”, Alexandre Darras, Attaché - Project Manager of the EU Delegation in the RM, mentioned.

It is worth reminding that during the 2011-2013, the Course on renewables and energy efficiency has been taught only in schools from communities that connected their schools and kindergartens to biomass heating systems with the support provided by EU-UNDP funded Moldova Energy and Biomass Project. The most active pupils, selected on a competitive basis, get invitations to attend the Summer Camp called “Energel”. So far, the Course on renewables and energy efficiency has been taught at 352 schools across the country districts, involving circa 19,000 children.

The educational initiative on renewables and energy efficiency is carried out in partnership with the Continuous Education Institute and the Republican Centre for Children and Youth ”Gutta-Club”.

Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a four-year project implemented during 2011-2014. The Project total budget amounts for 14.56 million Euro, allocated by the EU (14 million Euro) and UNDP Moldova (560,000 Euro).