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Moldova Energy and Biomass Project will participate in the celebration of Europe Day in Chisinau and Comrat

07 May - The Team of Moldova Energy and Biomass Project will participate in the Europe Day celebrated on May 10th in Chisinau and on May 17th in Comrat. People from these settlements – visitors of the European Town – will have access to the information about the events unrolled by Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, get acquainted with the Project results achieved so far and with the on-going programmes.




During the Europe Day, the Project Team, in partnership with Gutta Club Members, is going to unroll interactive activities for young people; hold master classes to teach them how to employ renewable energy sources, waste, and how to have an Eco behaviour. Also, a Biomass Boiler Caravan will be organised on May 10th and May 17th. People will have the chance to see how a biomass boiler is operated, and find out about the types of boilers manufactured and assembled in the Republic of Moldova. These exhibitions pursue the goal to promote biomass energy as an environment-friendly and economically efficient alternative to natural gas or coal heating.

Source: biomasa.aee.md