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Businessmen from Moldova and the Czech Republic met in Chisinau

Over 100 businessmen in Moldova and over 30 business representatives from the Czech Republic gathered on May 22, 2014 , in Chisinau , under a bilateral economic forum . The meeting took place in our country due to the official visit of the President of the Czech Republic , Milos Zeman , being organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova , the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry for CIS and Industrial Confederation of the Czech Republic.

The Chairman of CCI Moldova , Gheorghe Cucu, pointed out that one of the main objectives of the forum is strengthening and expanding trade and economic relations between Moldova and the Czech Republic by identifying areas of cooperation that provides business opportunities in both countries.

Valeriu Lazar , Minister of Economy , said that Moldova needs reliable trading partners and the Czech Republic is one of them. "With the enforcement of the Comprehensive Free Trade agreement, we intend to integrate with the European business community and to industrialize more our country ," said Lazar .

Karel Novotny , Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic , referred to the projects of the Czech partners in Moldova , convinced that their number will increase.

In his speech, President Timofti expressed confidence that bilateral economic relations will be strengthened and deepened in the future: " Among the EU countries , the Czech Republic is one of the largest importers of Moldovan wines. I want to express gratitude and to say that we highly appreciate the interest in our wines, given that in recent years we had to reorient wine exports to other markets , "said Timofti.

In turn, The Czech President Milos Zeman said that without a strong industrial and agricultural base there can be no economic growth, and without a high-quality transport infrastructure and energy development , no country will attract investment. "It is great that we exchange goods with Moldova, but more important is to have also a sustained capital investment . However, it is better to import apples, but it is best to plant the orchard and take care that it does not grow old . I highly appreciate Moldovan wines and cognacs and I wish that Moldova will plant more vineyards along with exporting wine”, said Milos Zeman. After the plenary session held bilateral meetings between business operators in Moldova and the Czech Republic .

According to the National Bureau of Statistics , the foreign trade ( without taking into account the commercial activities of traders from the eastern territories of Moldova ) of the Republic of Moldova to the Czech Republic in 2013 , recorded the amount of 94.9 million USD , increasing by 15.87 % compared to the same period last year . Exports of goods made in the same period has seen the amount of USD 25.6 million , or 51.4 % more than in 2012. Imports of goods made during 2013 in the Republic of Moldova from the Czech Republic totaled 69.3 million, an increase of 6.6 % compared with 2012 .

Source: chamber.md