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1-2 July, Kyiv, – HotEnergy-2014, Forum “Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Hotel and Commercial Infrastructure”

 General info 

HotEnergy-2014: Forum “Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Hotel Infrastructure”

July 1-2, 2014,  - Kyiv, Puscha Congress Hotel

For most of the hotels energy expenses, like heating and air conditioning are not less than 40% of all operating costs.

Due to the situation, which had happened in Ukraine in April and the expected increasing of the gas price in the second half of 2014, increasing of the electricity tariffs all of this will significantly affect the economic component of the hotel business. Taking into consideration this background, the introduction of innovative solutions aimed to reduce energy consumption, provide autonomous power supply and clever governance of the hotel infrastructure is not just technological “overkill” but an integral part of an effective and sustainable business.

HotEnergy-2014 Forum is such an information platform , which will showcase the best Ukrainian and foreign technological models, aimed to  reduce the consumption of natural gas, as well as switching to alternative sources of heat, reducing energy consumption and building their own power plants. HotEnergy- 2014 is the industry event prepared by IBCentre – a leader in the organization of highly professional business activities in the field of business innovation, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Key topics of the Forum:

- How to ensure effective heating and hot water with thermal (solar) collectors;
-Solar energy products+ biofuel – efficient usage of hybrid heating systems;
- Autonomous solar / wind power – a solution for hotels which has no access to central networks;
- Implementation of control loops at all levels of the distribution of energy resources and the creation of a unified system of management and monitoring;
-To which equipment preference should be given to avoid unnecessary expenses;
-Best Ukrainian and foreign examples of implemented energy efficiency projects for hotel infrastructure.

HotEnergy-2014 Forum will give you satisfactory answers to the questions:

-          How to identify weaknesses in the energy supply system of the hotel?
-          How to provide heating, hot water and electricity for hotels, situated away from the major networks?
-          How to refuse from gas easily and build up for 2 months a biofuel boiler, which will be payed off in one season?
-          How to provide a stable clock hot water using solar energy?
-          How to reduce gas consumption up to 30% by using solar collectors?
-          How to ensure effective thermal energy storage?
-          How to reduce the cost of hot water through the usage of “night” electricity tariff?
-          How to build energy management system in accordance with the filling of the hotel?
-          How to build a new model of energy supply and the hotel reduce energy expenses by 50%?

HotEnergy-2014 Organizing Committee:

Business Center “Botanique Tower”, of. 197

Saksaghanskogo St., 121

Kyiv, 01032, Ukraine

Tel. +38 044 383 03 56

Fax +38 044 569 97 10


Project Manager – Karina Bichko

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.